2007 WEBBY Dance Company Recital

Act Naturally


Bring In Da Noise

Disco Duck Dixie Mermaid Ballet

Lion King A Dream Is A Wish Hey Mr. Banjo

Hey Mr. Banjo Pineapple Princess Rockin' Robin

Blue Suede Shoes &

Hello Dolly

Hot Honey Rag Three Little Fishes

Yankee Doodle Run It Hard Knock Life

Trashin' The Camp Baby Come Back To Me Spoonful Of Sugar

Boomps-A-Daisy Music Box Dancer Beautiful Doll

Thumbelina Thumbelina TV That's For Me

You Oughta To Be In Pictures Mickey Mouse's Birthday Little Mice

Be Our Guest Sing Sing Sing Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

DoReMi KimPossible Pretty Baby

Baby Come Back To Me

Les Miserables

Kung Fu Fighting


Advanced Jazz

Hey Daddy


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